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Community Intervention Associates believes getting help is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness


Our philosophy of care is dedicated to helping improve the quality of lives of children, adults, and families, and the communities they live in, by building upon strengths. The Recovery Model is our standard. Empowered recovery is the backbone of what we do. We believe that "empowered recovery" comes from the individual and means that our staff are committed to helping individuals and families learn how they can fully manage their mental health illness or emotional and behavioral health problems. We hope that you find your visit to our website helpful. Please use our Contact page if we may be of assistance to you.


Our philosophy supports every consumer's right to receive care in the least restrictive setting, to live independently when possible, to be employed and to be educated. Our staff are committed to helping consumers fully exercise their rights, and learn how to use local resources, and systems of care, to meet individual and family needs. We also believe each our clients and consumers must have decision-making authority and "choice" regarding their care. Respect must be mutual, with an understanding that Recovery is a life-long process and that success requires support and involvement of staff, family members, and school and community representatives.

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